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Child Care Program

Goal: We create a family environment for children under state care who do not have the opportunity to live in alternative care (return to /live in a biological family, fostering, adoption). In addition, to create alternative services for the children who are under state care and give their families support.

Children and Youth Development Center


  • 0-7 Early Intervention for children with developmental delays. 150 children are involved in the service.
  • Rehabilitation-Habilitation of children under 0-18 years. 30 children are involved in the service.
  • Psychological support for children aged 6-18 and their parents.
  • The aim of the service is to take care of the psycho-emotional condition of children and adults. Those who have a desire can receive psychological services at the Children and Youth Development Center of Society Biliki. After receiving the service, there will be an improvement in the psychological state, adaptation to society, promotion of personal growth, emotional regulation and care.

Day Centers

Aim: Educational, psychological, social and basic support for children at risk of abandonment aged 6-18. 60 children receive services in two day centers.

Small Family houses

Aim: homes for children under state care, that aim is to support the development of alternative forms of child care. 30 beneficiaries receive services in three small family houses (Gori, Khashuri).

Mother And Their Children’s Shelter

Aim: a shelter for women and their children who have escaped domestic violence, providing physical, psychological and skills development support. 10 beneficiaries receive services in the Mother and Their Children’s Shelter.


Community Development Program

Goal:  We enhance local community opportunities for the welfare of community members through the projects.

  • English Access Micro Scholarship Program - A two-year learning course for 14-17-year-olds children. The number of participants is 25.
  • Clubs: Youth, Creative, Lego.
  • Craft Club Studio
  • Training Center: Children, Adults.
  • Improving the local Employment Policy of people with disabilities
  • Hubs
  • Supports the youth to be actively involved in the development of the local ecosystem; To get knowledge and develop skills in accordance with the requirements of the labor market;
  • Enhance civil society to be an independent, sustainable, transparent and accountable actor.


Civic Education Program

Goal: we raise civic awareness in youth and adults and help them to be active citizens by providing civic education to teachers and students, and through Civic Clubs.

Project: A USAID Civics Education Program is being implemented across the country by PH International. The program aims to help Georgia’s youth become more adept in democratic principles, develop student-led civics programs, and provide technological resources to get students engaged in public democratic governance and social discourse, connecting the private sector with schools. Within the framework of the five-year program, cooperation with 650 public schools in Georgia will be implemented. The partner organization in Shida Kartli Region is Society Biliki.


Volunteer Program

Goal: we support the development of a culture of volunteerism in Georgian and Foreign youth.

Branch I : Volunteering

  • 18 + local community representatives
  • International - Peace Corps, Solidarity Corp

Branch II : Internship (paid / unpaid)

Aim: Care for professional development and gain the practical skills;

Branch III: Learning Practice

Aim: Young people have the opportunity to make a learning practice at Society Biliki.

The partners of Society Biliki are:

Gori State Teaching University – In 2019, a memorandum was signed with Society Biliki.

Tbilisi State University – since 2015;

Caritas students from Czech Republic – Since 2009.


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