Child Care Program

Goal: We create a family environment for children under state care who do not have the opportunity to live in alternative care.

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Community Development Program

Goal:  We enhance local community opportunities for the welfare of community members through the projects.

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Civic Education Program

Goal: we raise civic awareness in youth and adults and help them to be active citizens by providing civic education to teachers and students, and through Civic Clubs.

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Volunteer Program

Goal: we support the development of a culture of volunteerism in Georgian and Foreign youth.

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The seminar in Gori city - supported employment and labor policy optimization

On 21 February, the seminar about supported employment and labor policy optimization was held in Gori. There were the representatives from Gori and Khashuri Municipalities, Department of Child Protection and Care, Shida Kartli State Representative's Office, Employment Promotion Agency and non-governmental sector working with persons with disabilities.

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The works of Shida Kartli Regional Hub

The works of Shida Kartli Regional Hub are run by Society Biliki within the framework of the European Union (EU) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) funded project “Civil Society STAR initiative: CSOs as Sustainable, Transparent, Accountable and Resilient Development Actors in Georgia” (2021-2025). The project aims to strengthen civil society as an independent, sustainable, transparent, and accountable development actor across Georgia.

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10 სექტემბერს საზოგადოება „ბილიკში“ სამოქალაქო კლუბის ლიდერებისათვის ჩატარდა ტრენინგი

10 სექტემბერს საზოგადოება „ბილიკში“ სამოქალაქო კლუბის ლიდერებისათვის ჩატარდა ტრენინგი თემაზე "პროექტის წერა და მართვა"

ტრენინგის მიზანი იყო დამწყები ლიდერებისათვის პროექტის წერის ტექნიკა და მისი განხორციელებისათვის საჭირო ნაბიჯები ესწავლებინა, რომელიც შემდეგ პრაქტიკულად უნდა განახორციელონ, ტრენინგზე მონაწილეებმა 2 რეალური და მიღწევადი პროექტი დაწერეს.

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მცირე გრანტის პროექტი „გახსოვდეს''

2015 წლის 10 სექტემბერს ჩატარდა სსიპ ხაშურის მუნიციპალიტეტის სოფელ ალის საჯარო სკოლის მცირე გრანტის პროექტის „გახსოვდეს, შენ საზოგადოების აქტიური მონაწილე ხარ“ დახურვის ღონისძიება.

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Society Biliki's Current Projects

Development of Social Services

Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons From the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia;

Goal: Day Centers; Small Family Houses; Mother and Their Children’s Shelter; Early Intervention Project; Rehabilitation-Habilitation Project.

USAID Civic Education Program

USAID; PH International; Supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

Goal: Strengthening the involvement of student self-governments and the private sector in schools; Students’ support for the active use of modern technologies in the process of democratic involvement.

Local Investments in Networks for Knowledge and Skill-share (LINKS)

European Union; United Nations Association of Georgia; Open Society Georgia Foundation.

Goal: Development of knowledge and skills among the youth and support of employment.

Supported employment and optimization of services in the labor policy in Georgia

Slovak Aid; TENENET;

Goal: Increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities at the local, regional and national levels. Implementation of the recommendations received within the project through an advocacy campaign.

English Access Microscholarship Program

US Embassy; PH International.

Goal: Increasing Access of English language learning for vulnerable children. They also get information about the American culture, customs and develop leadership skills.

Shida Kartli Regional Hub

Civil Society STAR Initiative: CSOs as Sustainable, Transparent, Accountable and Resilient Development Actors in Georgia - European Union (EU); Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS).

Goal: Enhance Civil Society as an independent, sustainable, transparent and accountable actor across the country.